Andrew's Recent Success Story


My husband Andrew has been doing Invisalign for the past year and last month was on his last set. 18 months and incredible changes to straighten out some teeth. 3 teeth decided they had had enough and started going gray. With constant pain in his teeth. Drew went to see the orthodontist and they confirmed that 3 of his front teeth were dying! And that he would probably need root canals on those 3 teeth. I had him start applying 2 different essential oils to his teeth and gums 2-3 times a day. 

I was at doTERRA's leadership the next week and one of our beautiful founders, Emily Wright, spoke about her success story using Copaiba to relieve the discoloration she had in her gums post some serious dental procedures. So I texted Drew and told him to add copaiba topically to his gums. In addition to the 3 oils there was 1 more essential that I told him to add in. Andrew's mother, Lynda, had just the day before told me about a tooth abscess that she had incredible results with from using essential oils. So I had Andrew add in that oil to make for a total of 4 oils that he used daily. 

Topically, 2-3x a day he's been applying these 4 oils to his gums to those teeth. In addition to doTERRA's amazing toothpaste. Well guess what?! Within a couple of days he told me that the pain was definitely down. And almost daily he updates me on how it's doing. Now here's the COOL part! Guess what Drew told me last night. "I know you're going to be excited about this and you're going to post about it. So I just have minor pain only about 1 time a day now." Then I asked him about the grayness. And he said "It's almost gone. Just the 1 tooth has about halfway to go." Absolutely amazing, right?!

Because of these 4 oils we saved 3 teeth! Not to mention the pain Drew would have experience we 3 root canals and the thousands of dollars we would have spent. Between the 4 oils in 3 weeks I'm going to guess that he's *maybe* gone through about $50 in oils. Compare that to the alternative. Hands down doTERRA wins. 

This is how health care is being reinvented by the power of doTERRA! Every single penny that we've put into our health with doTERRA has come back and saved us 10x+ fold. This saving teeth story is just 1 of so many that we have. 


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