My Latest Labs (and what I did about it)

So I have to be honest...these past few months for me have been rough. Like really rough. I just haven't been myself. I've been gaining weight, super tired, and my mood is anywhere near as positive as it normally is. I don't know what's been going on. I've been eating well, exercising, and taking my daily supplements and oils. 

rollers - final.jpg

But I haven't been doing the amount of self care that my body needs. It's hard when 'work' is something you love to do and you're passionate about helping others. I'd much rather be helping my doTERRA team members then doing something for myself. Or I'd rather be cooking food for Drew, or cleaning. I really like to stay busy and serving others. 

But this past week I knew it was time to make a visit to see what was going on with me. We have 2 months until we move for Ireland and I really need to focus on getting in the best possible health before we go. In addition to muscle testing we ran several different labs. My doctor knew pretty by talking to me what the issues were. Between the weight gain and thin eye brows it was obvious. But still it was good to have the labs drawn. 

I received  my results and scheduled a  follow up appointment to see my doctor in a couple of weeks (as he's out of town next week). I will follow his recommendations and add in any products that he recommendations when he sees my labs. I am excited, and actually a bit desperate, to start working on these issues. Because it's time to start feeling better!

But since I have my lab values already I decided to take a look and see what was going on. That way I could start working on these issues now. So what did I do?  I of course went to my oils and started started making up my own roller bottles for all of the areas where my lab values were off 

  • thyroid (basil, lemongrass, peppermint, frankincense, DDR prime)
  • adrenals (basil, rosemary, DDR prime, wild orange) 
  • hormones (clary sage, sandalwood, spearmint, grapefruit, DDR prime) 
  • eyes (frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, lime) 
  • glow (for my skin --- something extra to help it improve a bit) 

Days like today I'm just so grateful that I have this chest of oils in my home. Because it gives me the power, the self reliance to take control of my own health. Because of these oils in my home I have the tools to start working on my own health concerns, now. 

There are so many WHYs to why I love doTERRA. The self reliance these products bring is an absolutely blessing to me and to so many others who live this lifestyle of self reliance.