How Residual Income Has Impacted My Life

If you’ve been following me on my journey these past few months you’re aware of the curve ball that was thrown my direction. Unexpected is an understatement.

I’ve gone from single and independent, to a sugar mama who put my spouse’s goals as the top priority, to now (almost) divorced and living in family members spare bedrooms.

A couple of weeks ago I did something that I’ve never done before. I told the story of my marriage from start to finish. It brought up so many emotions that I shook for hours after giving this talk.

I told how this business has been a HUGE blessing to me right now as I have been going through this healing process. The definition of residual income has a whole new meaning right now.

Residual income is life-changing. And the power of it is is real. Now more than it’s ever.

I invite you to watch this 30 minute video on my story of residual income. My hope is that after this you will see why I firmly believe in the powerful of residual income. And why I have this fire in me to help others create a residual based business.

(please turn up the volume. The quality is as good as we could make it.)

If you’d like to work with me and create what I’ve created please email me at I promise, you will never regret the energy you invest into a residual based business.