3 years ago I was working at a dietetics office and I had an appointment to see the dentist in 72 hours. Sadly my boss wasn't too happy that I didn't give her more notice and clearly stated I would be staying overtime the next 2 days to make up for it.

It was at this time that I decided that being a Registered Dietitian and working the 9-5 (to create someone else's retirement) wasn’t my “dream job” after all. Yes, I had spent 7 years and thousands of dollars to earn that job, but in a moment I quickly realized it wasn’t what I wanted.

At this time I had I had been casually sharing & building my doTERRA business, but I was mostly focused on my Registered Dietitian "job”. I was getting frustrated that my life seemed to revolve around work. So little time to focus on me, my family, or my friends. So on that day I decided that day that it was time to focus on MY dreams and my own retirement. Not to work 50 hours a week building someone else’s. 

I left my RD job saying that I would give doTERRA 6 months. For 6 months I would give it 110% and would see what I could create by giving it my all. If I didn't love it I could return back to the job.


Well, that was 6 years ago. I haven't looked back and have never regretted the decision to create my own business that I love

Let me teach you how I’ve made a 6-figure income on part time hours

Building with doTERRA has been incredibly rewarding to me and my husband. Financially it has taken us to places I never thought possible. Have you ever thought to yourself you want a different tomorrow?

  • What would your life be like if you could have the time freedom so you can spend more time with your family and doing the things in your life that really matter?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re NOT living the LIFE YOU had envisioned for yourself?
  • Are you ready for residual income? Are you looking to work from home, helping others make a positive difference in their lives and make a fantastic income for you and your family?


Maybe…you can’t stand your job, you’re not pursuing the career you wished for. You’re not spending enough time with the family or you may be living pay check to pay check and you feel trapped. Or maybe you’re looking for additional sources of income to supplement your existing job. You want to spend your day focusing on building your own dreams, instead of someone else’s. That was me when I was working as a registered dietitian. Within 1 year of working the 9-5 I realized my 'dream job' wasn't as dream-y as I thought it would be. 


Why Essential Oils


According to the US National Center for Health Statistics, almost half of all adult Americans report using some form of complementary and alternative medicine in the last 12 months.Given recent changes in health care legislation, increasing uncertainty about the quality of future health care options, and skyrocketing health care costs, even more of us will be looking for safer, more accessible self-care options. dōTERRA is poised to capture this trend by providing safe, effective self-care products at reasonable prices. And given the growing need for supplemental income among companies, families, and  individuals, doTERRA is the perfect choice for everyone!


Why doTERRA Essential Oils

annual income.jpg

dōTERRA was founded in January 2008 by a team of seasoned industry executives. With more than 106 years of industry experience between them, doTERRA’s proprietors have the knowledge to keep her stable and booming, and the reputations to attract other talented industry leaders. Although dōTERRA began operations in an atmosphere of severe national economic distress, the company has prospered since its first sale, enjoying unprecedented growth since opening.The company continues to flourish both in the United States and abroad, and anticipates increasing the scope of its operations across many more countries in the near future.

 dōTERRA’s retention of consultants is 2 to 3 times higher than most industry competitors, translating into a lasting product and business opportunity. In 2016 dōTERRA reached 2 million Wellness Advocates, less than 1 year later then reached 3 million. The growth the company is experiencing is incredible! dōTERRA Essential Oils is a company that has set a new standard – CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

Who I’m Looking For

My team of holistic health coaches is growing every day and I’m looking for the right people to personally mentor in this business. Teaching others how to use nutrition and essential oils to create their own home based businesses is the most fun and rewarding career. If you like to hustle but are sick of doing it for other people, this will be a great fit.

I have watched thousands of people turn their love of essential oils into an endlessly growing career. So if you want to become a wellness warrior and health hustler this is the job for you.  If you know that talking to others, teaching classes, and sharing information 1 on 1 is something you would like to do let’s talk and we can brainstorm how you’ll reach success by partnering with me and doTERRA. I’ll work to help you become the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to become.


What Owning a doTERRA Business Means For You

It means doing what you want to do when you want to do it. No alarm clock, no work attire, no commute. You will have the time to spend on you every day. Does this sound too good to be true? I promise you it isn’t. I do it every single day. For years, I worked in the corporate health field and my job didn't allow me to live my LIFE. My life Monday-Friday was spent working on other people’s dreams – not my own. Giving yourself the freedom of time is what you can achieve as your own health coach.

With hard work, you can supplement your income with dōTERRA. Work part time or full time, start traveling, grow personally and enjoy more options in your business. I am here as a mentor, a coach, and to provide you with the tools you need to succeed; all worth  over $6000 a year.

Don’t spend your life building someone else’s dreams. Build a future YOU want to LOVE.



I know making an investment, whether it is simply for personal use or whether you are getting ready to start a business can be scary for some.  Because I am committed to you and want to show you my support, I have some amazing incentives for you.  The value of your investment just went up!  And everyone likes to get something for free right? Schedule a time and let's chat



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the business opportunity?
Anyone can! As long as you have a passion for natural living and teaching others this is perfect for you!
How much does it start to cost?
To join doTERRA with the business opportunity you need to purchase a starter kit ($150+). Monthly you need to do a 100 PV ($~100) order to receive commission. Your monthly order are product you and your family use. You don't have to order a set kit monthly, you order whatever you want from doTERRA's entire catalog. By ordering monthly this gives you product to share with others. All of your doTERRA purchases are tax deductibe. (I will teach you about the tax benefit!)
Can moms or people who work full time do the business?
Yes! In fact moms and people who work another job make up the majority of those who do the business. Most doTERRA leaders are in their late 20's to early 40's. I started the business when I was in the middle of a dual masters program. I've found that people who are busy are the best at time management and being organized. I love working with people who are busy!
How much time does the business take?
doTERRA is an "opportunity", not a job where you are required to clock in and work a set amount of hours per week. So you will get out of doTERRA what you put in. For those who treat this as a hobby and only work 2 hours a week they can get their oils paid for, but it will be harder for them to reach true residual income. Others who are 110% committed and devote more time and effort will reach goals much faster. To be successful and reach financial goals I recommend committing to at least 15+ hours a week. It's possible to do less, just remember to keep your goals in line with what you put in.
Who will teach me what to do?
Me! Once you purchase your starter kit we will schedule weekly strategy calls and you have my cell phone number to call/text me throughout the week. I will teach you everything you need to know step by step. I have helped many leaders duplicate what I have done, so I know exactly the steps to help you do the same. I'm all about keeping the business simple and duplicatable.
Why do I have to do a monthly purchase that is around $100? Can't I just sign up and sell it?
doTERRA is a product focused company. The way we "sell" is by sharing our product and our stories with other people. If we aren't users of the product, we won't have the knowledge, the belief, and the heart to share with others. We are salesmen that go door to do selling a product we've never used ourselves. That is 'sales-y'. We are not sales-y.
How long will it take me to start earning money?
If you are committed and follow my duplicatable step by step plan you will start earning money within 1 week of us starting our weekly calls, and you will have your monthly order paid for within a month.