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Are you interested in learning more about how doTERRA essential oils can help you with your own health concerns? Contact me or schedule a time for a complimentary 30 minute phone call. I'd love to help you!


I am a registered dietitian and have been using essential oils for 18 years. I started using essential oils when I was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma brain stem tumor. Since then I have used doTERRA products for everything from my tumor, to hormone issues, to cold sores. And I would love to work with you to learn about these incredible products and how you can start feeling as good as you deserve to feel.


How working with me 'works' 

  1. Contact me below and include the following information

    1. age, health history, health concerns you are interested in natural solutions for 
    2. include if stress and/or a low immune system has been a factor (this is the foundation of our health) 
    3. make sure you select if you are planning on purchasing the recommended products 
  2. I will email you back a list of recommendations to purchase and instructions on how to purchase
  3. AFTER your products arrive please schedule a 45 minute wellness consult (below). During our call together I will give you instructions on how, how much and when to take the products you ordered to get the best results. 



  • I do not charge for my time or my protocols. The way I get paid is by people purchasing doTERRA's products through me 
  • in my email to you I include the needed product(s) for the concern with information on how to purchase 
  • the detailed instructions of how, how much and when to take come during our private phone/Skype call 
  • if you're just looking for info -- well, changing our health requires much more than info or a piece of paper. And as much as I wish I would give free info out all day this is a business and is what provides for me and my husband. If you are just interested in more information please read the My Story page on my site. Thank you for your understanding.


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