How to Purchase at Wholesale're curious. Everyone keeps talking about these amazing oils...but you don't even know where to begin! Let me simplify everything for you...the dōTERRA wholesale membership works just like Costco. Opening a wholesale account gives you access to the biggest savings! You can open the account for $35, or you can do it the smartest way and start with a kit! All of the kits dōTERRA offers have the $35 wholesale fee waived. And...all of the guesswork is completely gone! 

These kits are each expertly designed for a very specific purpose...and I'm going to break it down for you so the decision is easy! Keep in mind that there is never an obligation to sell oils or order monthly with dōTERRA membership. Absolutely no strings attached. Just the highest quality, purest oils available in the world your fingertips! So let's talk about your options! 

You can buy essential oils at retail but why pay higher retail prices? Learn why buying essential oils wholesale from doTERRA is the way to go. By setting up a wholesale account through doTERRA you can save 25% off, opt into their month rewards program, and get reimbursed shipping on all of your purchases. Not to mention the FREE GIFTS and other benefits of joining my personal doTERRA organization. If you’re ready to buy now, you can get started immediately.


Wholesale vs Retail.png

With doTERRA’s wholesale (Costco-like) membership you will benefit from:

  • Wholesale pricing when you buy any of doTERRA’s products (25% lower that retail pricing)
  • The opportunity to start off with a popular enrollment kit, which waives the $35 membership fee
  • No obligations, minimums, or monthly requirements
  • Incredible support and education from myself or my support team
  • More savings by taking advantage of doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program. This rebate program will save you up to 55% off retail.
  • Freedom in choosing your initial order based on you and your family’s needs

Starter Kit Options

Purchase oils at Wholesale pricing and save 25% always! No monthly fees, or requirements. You will have access to all of my support and education! Simply pick the kit you want from the Starter Kit Options then click the green button above! 




This kit saves you $37 off of wholesale pricing and includes the top 10 oils in the smaller 5ml bottles and our OnGuard Beadlets and Peppermint Beadlets.


This kit is the mini version of the Home Essentials kit (minus the diffuser) this is a great kit to get started with oils on a budget. I would recommend to add on the Petal Diffuser, as you will need one in the near future!



This kit saves you $32 off of wholesale pricing and includes the Petal Diffuser, a bottle of fractionated coconut oil, and 8 of our top oils in the smaller 5ml bottles that are wonderful to support relaxation, immune support, muscle support, and so much more.


This kit is for anyone who wants to get their toes wet with essential oils at an affordable price.


The Home Essentials Kit is an economical choice for the person who wants the top 10 oils and a diffuser. The oils in this kit are the 10 oils no home should be without! You will have all the oils you need to get started and you can add to your collection as you wish!





This kit saves you $99 off wholesale pricing and gives you 10 of the most popular prediluted rollerballs including the top immune supporting oils, and the emotional aromatherapy oils Cheer and Peace. It also gives you the amazing Lifelong Vitality Supplements and the kids A to Z chewable vitamins and PB Assist Jr. which is the the kids probiotics.  This is a perfect kit to keep a perfectly healthy and happy home.


This kit is for the family who is looking to support healthy bodies from the inside and out. It gives you the most popular oils in easy to use, leak proof, rollerballs and the most amazing vitamins/ minerals for both mom and dad and the little ones. Plus as an added bonus you get the kids probiotics to support a healthy gut and healthy immune system.




The Natural Solutions kit is by far our BEST SELLER and for good reason. This well-designed kit will breathe new life into your wellness! It offers you options to help you support your immune system, healthy joints and muscles, focus, sleep and energy -- anything you want to support, there's an option in this kit. These are the most versatile, popular oils, to ensure that you are well equipped to try several options immediately. 

You're getting the top 10 oils in this kit, along with 8 other popular single oils and blends. Lifelong Vitality Pack (our phenomenal supplement system) is included, along with the Aromalite 8-hour diffuser (loooooove it!). The Deep Blue Rub is a must-have as well! You'll be all set with some of the On Guard system and digestive support products. And don't forget about the adorable wooden box. This kit allows you to "skip ahead" in the Loyalty Rewards system to get 15% back in free product every time you order. 



The Every Oil Kit is for you if you really want to start with ALL THE OILS (and no products). You want to be able to make every blend and be able to have lots of oils to share and bless your friends. You'll receive an awesome durable carrying case and one of my favorite waterless diffusers, the Cloud. Please note that you will also be receiving 2 very special oils that are not available for individual sale: Melissa and Roman Chamomile. This kit allows you to "skip ahead" in the Loyalty Rewards system to get 20% back every time you order. 

KIT PRICE: $1775



This kit is for THREE types of people:
1. The person who wants to save the most money.
2. The person who wants to overhaul & fine tune their health and home by having every product dōTERRA offers. 
3. The person who would like to create a residual income stream with with dōTERRA.

Let's talk about the savings first. You will experience an INSANE amount of savings when you start with this kit. Check out these numbers.

If you purchased all of these products RETAIL: $4,242
If you purchased all of these products WHOLESALE: $3,394

PLUS, you will receive 400PV FREE (basically $400) by placing a qualifying order next month. This kit also gives you the power to "skip ahead" in Loyalty Rewards if you choose to. You'll start at 25% back in free credits on every purchase!

Next...the person who just wants everything so that they never have to wonder if they have what is needed to address their health concerns. The Diamond Kit has you covered! From cleansing your home to cleansing your body, skin care, hair care, shakes, supplements, soaps, and of course, EVERY OIL. For a complete listing of everything in this kit, click here. Please note that you will be receiving 2 very special oils that are only available in limited quanities: Melissa and Roman Chamomile.  

Lastly, this kit is perfect for someone who would love to educate others about natural health. This person is curious about creating residual income and sees it as the pathway to their biggest dreams. Of course, you can jump in with our team at ANY kit level. But I can't even count the number of people I've worked with who say "I SO WISH I would have gone with the Diamond Kit when I started!". Which is why I now tell EVERYONE about this option. If you know in the long run you will end up with everything might as well save TONS of money up front. 


Do I have to purchase a monthly minimum?
Absolutely not! You can purchase whenever you would like with no monthly minimum requirement. There is an OPTIONAL rewards program that most of our customers enjoy and very similar to a frequent flyer program.
Do I have to sell the oils?
No way! There is no requirement to sell. Just enjoy the oils! If you do choose to sell the oils at some point, I can help you with that.
How do I re-order?
You will receive your own personal shopping portal after you purchase your starter kit and you, simply, log into your shopping portal and place your next order anytime you want, 24/7!
If I purchase a kit and become a wholesale member, does that mean I have to sell oils to other people?
Absolutely not! You can always just be an enthusiastic oil user and still have your wholesale account. If at any time you decide you'd like to create an income, it's a simple process...and we have a super fun team!
Can I just order individual bottles of oil?
Yes, but it's not as economical. Almost everyone I help starts with a kit so they can save the most by having the enrollment fee waived. If you do want to custom create your own kit, just choose the $35 Introductory Packet upon checkout and add the bottles you want one by one.
How will I know how to use everything?
This is my favorite thing about dōTERRA! We are super focused on education. Each kit pictured above comes with a personal consultation with ME! We will walk through your health goals and make sure you feel absolutely confident with your new investment. You will also have access to our private online community...which is over 10,000 strong. It's a great source of knowledge.
I'd like to learn more about the company and the quality of these oils...where should I go?
Check out this page on my blog...and watch the video about sourcing.