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Three weeks after starting 7th grade I was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor (pilocytic astrocytoma). A large part of my tumor was inoperable and so we began looking into alternatives.

A friend told us to check out essential oils. We started using them and had absolutely amazing results. I have had the opportunity to share part of my story on numerous series, such as "The Truth About Cancer."

Fast forward 18 years and teaching others about how to use essential oils has become a passion and a career that I absolutely love and blessed to be a part of.  I'd love to have you join me in teaching others about the natural lifestyle!  


Where I am now 

My life changed 18 years ago when a family friend shared her essential oils with us. That friend did more than she will ever know. She gave me hope, she gave me an alternative, and she gave me the opportunity to live an incredible life. I am so very, very grateful that she was willing to share her knowledge of oils and her bottle of frankincense with me. If she had not shared with me I'm certain my life would have turned out very different. Because she shared with me -- I got my life back. And because that sharing changed my life I decided to pass it forward. To share these beautiful gifts of the earth with others. Sharing doTERRA with others is not only my passion, but it is my mission.1 drop at a time, 1 home at a time. 

Partnering with doTERRA has been an incredible blessing to me in so many ways. Physically it gave me my health back and financially it has given me opportunities to live a life that I absolutely love. One that wouldn't have been possible if I had decided to work the 9-5 to support someone else's business. Because of doTERRA...

  • I have impacted over 13,000 homes so far
  • I have created a 6 figure income that pays me 24x7x365
  • I can travel the world (we're currently living in Ireland!)
  • I spend most of my day, every day with family, friends and those I love

My life doesn't revolve around 'work' because I decided to focus on creating something for me. A majority of my day isn't spent at work supporting someone else's dream  so they can work less and spend more time with their family. Instead, because of doTERRA I am focused on my business. Within 2 years of building the business, at age 27, I became one of the youngest highest paid earners in doTERRA. At age 27, in 2 years, I earned more than enough to retire my husband and I on. Pretty incredible, right? I don't know many others who could say that!

doTERRA is the worlds largest essential oil company and we are growing quickly! In less than 10 years over 6+ million people have adopted the natural solutions lifestyle. Essential oils are here to stay, and doTERRA is leading the way. I'd love to have you partner with me in this incredible opportunity to create both time and financial freedom. Contact me if you're ready to get started! 

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