Hello Goal Setters!

Yes YOU! Do you have Big, Scary goals that you want to reach but also make you want to run away from? 

Do you want to be, do, and have more in life? Because I've been there! And I 100% believe that you landed here for a reason. Sometime inside of you is telling you that you want more than your current circumstances.  And it takes guts to admit that! 


I firmly believe that life should be something that we love. Every day you should wake up feeling exited for what the day brings you. And life...well life just gets you excited!  Because when you are living a Beautiful Life, you constantly feel

  • JOY and Happiness
  • Ambitious and Excited
  • Financial Freedom
  • Physical, Metal and Spiritual Health 
  • You move from a job to a mission 

Who am I, and what do I do? My name is Allison Huish. I'm a 'newly' wed of 2 years, I'm currently living in Ireland, I love meeting new people, I'm one of doTERRA's youngest and highest paid earners, and most importantly I have a passion for teaching people about the Natural Medicine Lifestyle. I started using essential oils 19 years ago when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After creating my own miracle story I knew I needed to share my message of hope with others. 


How I Shared My Message: Because a family friend shared oils with us when I was going through a difficult time my life changed forever.  Because she shared plant based medicine with me I now share with others. And sharing essential oils is what I do for work. I share essential oils by giving samples to a friend at church who is ready for something beyond traditional health care. I educate on social media how the oils help. And I invite small groups over to my home to learn why and how the oils work. My business is focused on the products and sharing the power they each have. 



What type of person thrives best at doTERRA? 

  • You like people
  • Passionate about essential oils and living the lifestyle
  • Entrepreneur mindset and see the value in residual income
  • Like to travel – next door or across the world

So what is the "Essential Oil Business"

The essential business is divided into 3 parts

  1. Share the natural medicine lifestyle with others
  2. Help people set up their own doTERRA account - so they can become their own natural solutions provider and purchase products as they wish 
  3. Support those that have set up a wholesale account under you 
10 year.png


Business Scholarship Opportunity

I am excited to announce that starting in September I will be opening up a Business Scholarship Program! I will be offering 6 scholarships to those that are ready to have me put my time, my energy and my resources into them. And together we will create a business and a life that they love. This scholarship is valued at over $1000! 



  • you are a HAPPY person that loves meeting new people 
  • you have at least 15 hours a week to devote to your business
  • you are open to weekly mentoring calls with daily text check ins 
  • you are willing to do a ~$120/month order to not only be a user of the product and to have supplies to share with others 
  • you cannot already have a wholesale account with doTERRA 



Applications Due:  September 15

Start Date:  October 8 

End Date:  November 24






Scholarship Recipients Will Receive

  • a welcome box with some of my favorite oils inside ($150 value) 
  • a gift certificate for popular essential oil supplies ($250 value)
  • 12 weeks of 1-1 mentoring with me ($720 value)
  • access to my private 24/7 support groups and training website 
  • My Cooking with Essential Oils ebook 
  • enrollment into my 8 week biz course (average income of 8 week biz course participants is $1,200/month) 

Business Scholarship Application