There are many brands of essential oils available. Many also cost less and can be purchased from your health food stores. But all essential oils are not the same. Just as a Kia cannot be compared to a Ferrari, doTERRA cannot be compared to oils you can purchase for a couple of dollars. Most of those oils that you will see online and in stores (even Best Buy has essential oils now!) are synthetic oils that do not contain any really essential oil and have zero therapeutic healing benefit. 

When it comes to your health you deserve oils that will get you results. Please don’t settle for drugstore quality essential oils. doTERRA follows strict and sustainable co-impact growing processes
  • dōTERRA tests each batch of oils 7 different ways.
  • Their harvesting practices are strict and controlled.
  • They source their oils from around the world in their environment where each plant grows the best and they only harvest when the timing is perfect.
  • They are a step above organic and they maintain an internal standard of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade with no fillers, artificial ingredients, chemical substitutes or contaminants. 
  • These oils are a gift from the fact, that's exactly what the word dōTERRA means! The plants are beautifully designed to support all of our body's processes. We started to use these oils more and more and every day something would come up and we'd say " there an oil for that?". And there always was. 

We started using the oils more and part of our daily life. That's really when we starting to see amazing shifts in our health...and in the health of those around us. Andrew has experienced severe shooting foot aches for several years. When I met him I introduced him to one of the oil blends called Deep Blue®. 

Within a few weeks Andrew noticed incredible changes happening with his foot. The locations where Andrew had surgery and metal plates started to have the feeling come back. Those areas that were once numb were no longer! 

Another product that we quickly fell in love with was the Lifelong Vitality Pack...which is dōTERRA's #1 selling product. Now...I had taken multi-vitamins before but it was mostly just to check off a box on my "how to be healthy" mental checklist. It wasn't until I tried these that I saw a huge difference in my overall emotional stability, the depth of my sleep, and my energy levels throughout the day. I also noticed that small aches that had occasionally popped up had disappeared as well!

A while back Andrew was noticing issues pop up like back spasms and tiredness...nd said "Hey! Maybe I should take them too!". The first thing he noticed is a was that the back aches went down and almost completely disappeared within a win. Often he would make up in the middle of the night and need to stretch his back. But that is a thing in the past! 

Why We Will Never Be Without Them

If you are a dedicated label reader like me and want to know the specific details about each of these ya go:

Microplex MVp
Alpha CRS+
xEO Mega

I love that doTERRA has created other amazing supplements for numerous different health concerns. I take many of these daily and can't recommend them enough! 
Terrazyme - digestive enzymes (high amounts of enzymes has been shown to shrink tumors) 
Mito2Max - energy & stamina (who doesn't need this!)
DDR Prime - Degenerative DNA repair (I take this daily because I've had a history of cancer, and I recommend it for anyone wanting to address their health concerns at the cellular root cause) 
Deep Blue Complex - overall aches, soreness and inflammation (one of Andrew's favorite!) 

Still want more? Check out this super informative short video that explains why our supplements are different:

dōTERRA is a science and education focused company that takes great care in educating it's users and distributors. I was learning more and more and then sharing it with others. As I learned more...I realized the impact that these oils could have on those around me.

I also learned that dōTERRA has a heart for people. And especially a heart for those producing their oils. They are committed to sourcing these oils sustainably and paying fairly for the harvest.

Click the video below to hear the story of how we produce our vetiver oil...and how we give back to the farmers an the community in the process through co-impact sourcing. The work that they are doing around the world is SO INSPIRING. I am so thrilled to have partnered with a company that truly cares.

I have fallen in love over and over with dōTERRA over the past 2 years and I just HAVE to tell others about the good that is happening within this company. So many changed lives...the growers, the children, the people using the oils, and our Tribe...who have dreams coming true right and left. 

So...what the next step?